Crafting the Site Tablet Optimisation

Tablets like the Apple iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab have cemented their places in the market since their release a few years ago. Some business owners may even be managing their operations on the go using a tablet or phablet. However, tablets or phablets stand in a middle ground as far as web design and associated functionality are concerned. A skilled Perth web designer will help figure out that conundrum.

Typing limitations

Some web design experts recommend turning off the Autocorrect and AutoCapitalize functions in websites. Doing so ease the woes of users who may be frustrated with the functions mangling their train of thought while typing in a field in a feedback form. Ask your web designer to fix the typing fields to help mobile users include punctuation marks and numbers in their texts.

Big views

Tablets, or even smartphones with big screens for their size, do not have the luxury of a full monitor to spread out your content’s text, therefore optimising the mobile site’s readability. In this respect, increase the font size to around the mid-teens; a size-16 may be viable for the title. You will also need to expand the dimensions of the touch buttons to give users with bigger fingers ample margin to click the right links.


Analyst: Mobile Will Drive Real-World Sales

Analyst Jay Jamison of the mobile start-up firm BlueRun Ventures has predicted recently that businesses that can capitalize on a stable mobile infrastructure will be the big winners in the second decade of the 21st century. With the emergence and proliferation in the past few years of portable devices capable of accessing the Web, the focus has shifted from traditional desktop websites to touchscreen-compatible mobile versions of web pages.

Jamison emphasized the mobile-centric nature of the present era brought about by the downward spiral in R&D and production costs of newer and more powerful mobile devices. Coupled with the gradual obsolescence of traditional advertising methods and the pay-per-click ad model, mobile platforms possess the unique virtue of real-time data as a consequence of their accessibility to anyone anywhere.

This characteristic, Jamison said, is what would make the mobile world the business arena of the future. The more savvy merchants will be able to take advantage of mobile to leverage real-world sales and traffic from customers in the vicinity or on foot.

It’s a digital arms race, one in which those not with the greatest brute force but those with the quickest minds and the most adaptable skill sets would prevail. Competent and competitive web designer firms are increasingly expected to provide more and more mobile opportunities for fledgling or up-and-coming businesses.

Tapping Web Designers in Perth for Your Business’ New Marketing Thrust

You may review The Iconic’s website to analyse which design cues might work for you, whether on a PC or on a mobile device. You may then experiment on such designs with a web designer. The Iconic’s main page, for example, already has linked images and drop-down menus for women’s and men’s clothing sections. Going down the page reveals a second set of images with links to feature articles or promos.

Another thing you can take up with a web designer in Perth that you’d want to work with is the flexibility in mobile device viewing. Some experts state that if you’re accessing a site from say, an Android platform, the functionalities there must work as well in an iOS platform. Phillips notes the tweets of a customer who lamented that the site crashed on him a number of times.