Why you need an App for your Business

Today’s business landscape is almost all about connectivity to the Web. The term “connectivity”, however, isn’t necessarily confined to websites but also includes mobile platforms. In line with this, mobile apps are also fast becoming a hit for businesses. Here’s why your enterprise should join the movement.

24/7 visibility – If you want your business to be visible to your customers 24/7, a mobile app is your best bet. Why? Data from MobileInsurance.com indicates that the average person spends about an hour and a half staring at their phone screens. They may do a lot of other things on their phones, but they’re highly likely to scroll through the apps they’re looking for. Continue reading


Finding the Website Designer Right for You

The digital revolution has made it necessary for businesses to design websites where customers can easily send their inquiries—and receive feedback just as easily—on a product. Large corporations take the lead through their in-house design team to handle their Internet presence. Small enterprises and entrepreneurs, on the other hand, rely on competent website designers to help them make their business more visible online.

Here are some considerations before hiring a competent website designer for your company: Continue reading