Why you need an App for your Business

Today’s business landscape is almost all about connectivity to the Web. The term “connectivity”, however, isn’t necessarily confined to websites but also includes mobile platforms. In line with this, mobile apps are also fast becoming a hit for businesses. Here’s why your enterprise should join the movement.

24/7 visibility – If you want your business to be visible to your customers 24/7, a mobile app is your best bet. Why? Data from MobileInsurance.com indicates that the average person spends about an hour and a half staring at their phone screens. They may do a lot of other things on their phones, but they’re highly likely to scroll through the apps they’re looking for. Continue reading


Choose Your Goals, Choose Your SEO

SEO can achieve many results, but which one of these is your plan really after?

Sadly, you can’t achieve high marks across the board; you can’t benefit from one without losing out on the other. An increase in traffic may or may not generate more revenue, while a shot in the arm in revenue may or may not come from new leads. To make the most out of SEO, your business must identify its priorities. Continue reading

Why App Developers Are Vital for Your Business

A significant technological revolution is underway, with mobile phones and tablet computers leading the charge. Consumers are flocking to digital grounds in droves and businesses should not be left behind. Now more than ever, app developers have become crucial factors for a business’ continued success in more ways than one.

First, having a website optimised for mobile, an actual mobile site, or an app helps businesses provide faster service. Nowadays, many Australians are getting used to having their needs met almost instantly online, and app developers will help you deliver efficiently and effectively. Continue reading