Choose Your Goals, Choose Your SEO

SEO can achieve many results, but which one of these is your plan really after?

Sadly, you can’t achieve high marks across the board; you can’t benefit from one without losing out on the other. An increase in traffic may or may not generate more revenue, while a shot in the arm in revenue may or may not come from new leads. To make the most out of SEO, your business must identify its priorities.

Every goal has a unique plan. For example, if increasing revenue is the name of the SEO game, link building must be your top priority to increase keyword ROI. On the other hand, if you want your plan to prioritise content creation, be prepared not to earn a lot from it. Switching between plans is ill-advised, especially if the nature of your business hasn’t changed.

You’re used to seeing SEO work for businesses, but it can also work for non-profits. The type of SEO strategy you choose will determine how your website will fare within the next couple of days or weeks. Know what needs to be done with your business first before talking about optimising keywords and the like. Profit or not, this strategy just might save you money.


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