Critical SEO Metrics you must Measure

If you’ve previously thought of SEO as a “set it, forget it” practice, then newsflash! You’re dead wrong. Much like other related fields, an SEO campaign’s success must be measured using specific metrics, or else all the effort used in launching could go to waste.

Traffic sources – Traffic sources are tools that tell you who came to visit your website, and how they found it the first place. Regularly taking note of these sources allows you to see all manner of related data (i.e. keywords and phrases people use when searching) so you can better choose your keywords, and devise your next steps in the coming days.

Bounce rate – Your website’s bounce rate refers to the amount of sessions where a site visitor merely looks at one page, then leaves without even interacting with it. A high bounce rate for your website means that your SEO campaign is not working, and important adjustments are due. In other words, you’d want your site’s visitors to go deeper into the website and explore the options you offer on your pages, and not make them feel bored at the outset.

Conversion rate – The conversion rate refers to the amount of people who actually went off to explore your site and purchase or do something significant. Monitoring conversion rates allows you to know how many people are actually being engaged and interacting in your website, and show where or which sections people linger longer than most. A good conversion rate means that your SEO campaign is doing well.


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