Check Out These New Web Design Trends

Even websites have to keep up with the times. If you want to have the coolest, most visited site in the Internet, applying any of these web design principles can give your website a legitimate chance.

  • Exciting Fonts and Typography: Kiss Arial, Times New Roman, and Comic Sans goodbye. Creative fonts are now the fashion in web design. Having unique typography on your website gives it a boost in the aesthetics department.

  • Videos Instead of Text: No one has time to read anymore, so some websites just provide videos to tell about what they are and what they offer. Limited text makes your website less boring.

  • Back-to-Basics Colour Scheme: If your website has too many colours, it will just annoy web users. Sticking to more simple colour schemes is the new technique of up-and-coming websites targeting a younger demographic.

  • No More Sidebars: Some websites have removed their sidebars, and this move made their website simple and easy to read. This also gives more emphasis to your website’s content— no ads or blinking images distracting the reader.


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