Why Word Count Matters in SEO

If you’ve ever dabbled in search engine optimisation (SEO), then you probably know the basics like inserting keywords into your title tag and meta-description. However, there might be one aspect that you’re neglecting: word count.

Believe it or not, the length of an article or blog post can have a huge effect on SERP ranking. How so?

More Opportunities to Insert Keyword

If your posts are too short, you may inadvertently “overstuff” it with keywords, something that Google frowns upon. By writing longer material, you can spread keywords more evenly throughout the text, and insert them more organically to avoid being flagged by search engines. As a bonus, you also have more opportunities to insert variations of the same keywords, allowing you to account for the alternate search terms people use.

More Calls to Action

Aside from more keyword insertion opportunities, longer texts also allow you to incorporate more calls to action, which are the prompts that tell readers to subscribe to your service or purchase your products.

More Value

Think of Google as a high school English teacher. Which will it award a higher grade to: a shallow, haphazardly composed 300-word essay or a well-researched, informative 500-word report? More than ever, search engines place a premium on quality content, and usually, longer pieces contain more comprehensive information—which is why they tend to rank higher.


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