A Look in the Life of a Website Designer

Many people imagine that website designers live in houses full of the latest gadgets and sophisticated computers. While it may be true for some, it’s not necessarily true across the board, unfortunately. What is certain, however, is that a typical website designer today faces a mountain-load of work every single day.

To give people who would like to one day be a website designer an idea as to what the job truly entails, here is a quick look at how a normal day doing the work is like:


As early as they wake up, web designers check their email for messages from clients and also chat with their colleagues to get updates on live projects. This is usually followed with a quick look on sites they carry to see if all are running online or if there are issues that have to be resolved. After a quick breakfast, designers open their dashboards to see their daily tasks, start coding, designing, and testing web designs on various browsers. Morning ends on a modest lunch.

Afternoon and Evening

When afternoon begins, designers continue testing their work and simulates these on various devices. They also use this time to get updates on tools like fonts, programs and apps to improve their services. This is followed with the checking of personal projects like ads and review of Google Analytics data until nighttime. A typical day usually ends with tweeting teammates and colleagues for matters about tomorrow’s activities.


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