Tweeting Your Way to the Top of Search Results

It’s amazing what the Internet has done to improve communication—just look at Twitter. People use the platform to tweet about their experiences, journalists use it to provide real-time updates on developing stories, and fans use it to connect with their favorites celebrities.

Part of what makes Twitter so successful is the ease with which information can be shared through it, and you can use this very feature to boost your company’s search engine results ranking. If you want to know how, just read these top Twitter SEO tricks:

Choose a Handle Carefully

When you create a Twitter account for your company, be mindful of the handle you choose. It should always reflect your brand, products, and services accurately. If possible, try to incorporate high-ranking keywords into your handle for maximum online visibility.

Fill Out Your Bio

The bio section allows you to give a longer introduction of your company and what it provides. Don’t meander, though—you only get 160 characters to do this. Prioritise mission-critical phrases and, again, include keywords into the text.

Stay on Topic

With your account set up, it’s time start tweeting! Be reminded, however, that your tweets are a direct representation of your brand. You may post off-topic tweets every now and then, but for the most part, stick to items that interest and serve your audience (e.g. promotions, “how tos”, tips and tricks, etc.).


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