Analyst: Mobile Will Drive Real-World Sales

Analyst Jay Jamison of the mobile start-up firm BlueRun Ventures has predicted recently that businesses that can capitalize on a stable mobile infrastructure will be the big winners in the second decade of the 21st century. With the emergence and proliferation in the past few years of portable devices capable of accessing the Web, the focus has shifted from traditional desktop websites to touchscreen-compatible mobile versions of web pages.

Jamison emphasized the mobile-centric nature of the present era brought about by the downward spiral in R&D and production costs of newer and more powerful mobile devices. Coupled with the gradual obsolescence of traditional advertising methods and the pay-per-click ad model, mobile platforms possess the unique virtue of real-time data as a consequence of their accessibility to anyone anywhere.

This characteristic, Jamison said, is what would make the mobile world the business arena of the future. The more savvy merchants will be able to take advantage of mobile to leverage real-world sales and traffic from customers in the vicinity or on foot.

It’s a digital arms race, one in which those not with the greatest brute force but those with the quickest minds and the most adaptable skill sets would prevail. Competent and competitive web designer firms are increasingly expected to provide more and more mobile opportunities for fledgling or up-and-coming businesses.


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