Capitalising on Buyer Behaviours

Effective commerce has a lot to do with influencing the behaviour of buyers. This is something that marketers have known for a long time that they have since capitalised on the various studies to enable them to design their own marketing game plans, thus influencing the growth of modern consumerism.

The same strategy of influencing buyer behaviour in the real world applies just as much to commerce on the Internet. Since the birth of ecommerce, online marketers and web designers have been refining ways to enhance user experience and help increase visitor influx to the site, with the aim of converting these visitors into paying customers.

Today, with the stiff competition for online market share, different websites have to be creative with their ecommerce design decisions. In many cases, simple optimisation of the website design is not enough; instead, web designers develop strategies to understand individual user’s behaviour in order to convert them.

This need for personalization stems from the knowledge that each user is different, and will respond to a website in a different way. Some users will spend hours browsing through a website without any real goal in mind, other users know exactly what they want and where to get it, and some others have only a limited time on their hands to find something (usually a gift) that fits their budget. By developing a site so that the needs of each type of user are addressed, web designers are banking on this satisfaction of need so that these users may return to the site for future purchases, or eager recommendation to friends.


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