Planning an App? The Basics of App Development

As more and more people use smartphones and other mobile devices, most businesses are starting to see the benefits of developing a dedicated mobile application for their brands. Don’t get left behind. Here are some things you need to take note of when planning and creating your own business apps:

App name

To establish your app in the market, you need to give it a catchy, appealing name. Designate one that has something to do with the function of the app for easy association in the mind of users.

App icon

The icon identifies your mobile app’s brand so you have to come up with something you can truly own. You can match the colour of the icon with the colours you mainly use in your app. Moreover, you can also utilise subtle or direct references of your app’s elements in the icon.

App user interface

Your mobile app’s voice and personality are shown through a user interface. A functional yet simple program can engage users and improve their experience while using the app. Ask your app developer to build something that is easy to operate.

Help and support

This is one of the most essential elements to have. Always include a support or help function in the mobile app so your users can report bugs and other problems, and allow you and your app developer to promptly take action and improve the program.


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