Standard Services of an SEO Company in Perth

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s rankings in search engines like Google through a variety of means. The most common method is to employ effective keyword optimisation so that the search engine can associate certain keywords with a particular website more often. This, in turn, is also done using numerous methods.

The first method is content production, wherein keywords are integrated into the website’s written content like articles, blog posts, and news stories. While this may sound simple enough, creating keyword-optimised content is easier said than done because search engines also look for relevancy and coherence when it comes to keywords. This was done to quell the old practice of creating numerous low-quality, oft-incoherent articles for some websites and essentially flood search engines with them to improve the websites’ rankings.

Aside from content production, keyword optimised meta-tags were also employed to do away with this spam tactic. The biggest difference between the two is that optimised meta-tags are found within the code of the website rather than its contents.

While keyword optimisation is the most common SEO approach, it can be supplemented with efficient yet simple web design. Websites that don’t employ fancy methods like Flash animations, music samples, and the like also don’t require much bandwidth in order to load properly, giving them “extra points” in search engine rankings.


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